Changi Airport Awesome Makeover

Changi Airport Awesome Makeover

Changi Airport is The Coolest Airport in Singapore is famous for being the best airport in the world, and it just got even better in 2023 with some amazing changes. This airport won the top award at the Skytrax World Airport Awards in 2023 for being the best airport in the world. It also won awards for having the best dining and fun things to do. Now, they’ve made their Terminal 2 even more awesome.

Changi Airport: Bigger and Better

Changi Airport Awesome Makeover

Terminal 2 got bigger. It can now handle five million more passengers every year, making it able to serve a total of 90 million travelers. That’s a whole lot of people! Imagine a gigantic 46-foot-tall digital waterfall called the ‘Wonderfall.’ It’s like a huge TV showing calm water flowing in a beautiful garden. You can sit and watch it while you wait for your flight. It’s like a mini-vacation!

Meet Toni, the Robot Bartender at Changi Airport

At the Lotte Duty Free Wines & Spirits store, you can meet Toni, the robot bartender. Toni can make you a free cocktail. There’s also a cool LED ring that shows pictures of the moon over a lake. Upstairs, in the ‘Forest of Li Bai,’ there’s a place with lots of whiskey and a special mirror where you can take selfies with K-pop stars.

The Dreamscape Garden

The Dreamscape garden is like a magical place with over 20,000 plants from 100 different types. It’s under a ‘digital sky’ that changes colors to match the time of day. You can also hear sounds like birds and insects from Singapore’s tropical places.

Changi Airport Serve Delicious Food and Views

The Gourmet Garden dining area not only has tasty food but also stunning views of the airport. It’s surrounded by beautiful plants hanging from above. You can try unique cocktails at The Satay Club by Harry’s, have some yummy chicken rice at Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice, or enjoy fresh pastries and ‘Kopi Gu You Hainan’ (butter coffee) at The Hainan Story bakery. And if you’re into planes, there are big windows where you can see up to 16 different airplanes.

Families can have a blast at the ‘2 Bears Hideout.’ Kids can snuggle up in a beehive, bounce on a honeycomb, and let their imagination run wild. It’s a perfect place for families to have fun before their flight.

Quick and Easy Travel

Terminal 2 now has more space, so they could add new systems and shops. They even have a ‘Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST)’ area with machines to help with check-in and bag-drop. They’ve made it easy for young children and people with disabilities to get through immigration quickly. Plus, they have a super-fast ‘early baggage storage system’ that can handle up to 2,400 bags.

Despite all the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Changi Airport Group (CAG) kept going with the T2 expansion. They believed that Changi Airport would recover and become even better. They started the project in January 2020, two months before Singapore closed its borders because of the pandemic. Now, we can see the fantastic results at Terminal 2. So, the next time you visit Changi Airport, make sure to check out the amazing Terminal 2!